Saturday, May 30, 2009


click HERE to download my interview with Timothy Webster on his video installation 'Cristo Redentor' (blindside gallery, march 2009)

Experiencing Experience: A Conversation between Timothy Webster and Amelia Douglas

'In WONDERLANDS Cristo Redentor, time is folded and constantly reconfigured as the front most layer of video is forever dissolving into the background. This piece is a composition of many experiences from over an hour and a half. The constant reconfiguring of the frames undermines our memory of it, yet instills a sense of what is there. Memory becomes an ad-hoc whole, composed of a myriad of fleeting moments and feelings, yet always tempered by our present experience. The motivation is to reconstruct the site in a way that seems to be disintegrating, so as to mimic our own inattention to the moment itself and therefore our desire to capture it forever, for later.'

Tim Webster 2009