Thursday, May 08, 2008

in the jungle all light is paralysed

Robert Smithson says:

"In the jungle, all light is paralysed. Particles of color infected the reflections on the twelve mirrors. Color as an agent of matter filled the reflected illuminations with shadowy tones,pressing the light into dusty material opacity. Flames of light were imprisoned in a jumbled spectrum of greens. The world color means at its origins to 'cover' or hide. Matter eats up light and covers it. Luminous lines emanate from the edges of the mirrors, yet the surfaces reflections manifest nothing but greens. Deadly greens that devour light.I'm trying to find areas, zones, regions, which do not have the burden of associations. There is no point trying to come up with the right answer because it is inevitably wrong."

J. Eric Thompson says:

"The Aztec thought the crest of the earth was the top of a huge saurian monster, a kind of crodocile. It is probable that the Mayan had a similar belief, but it is not impossible that at the same time they considered to the world to consist of seven compartments, perhaps stepped as four layers."

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